• International Congress on Afro - Eurasian Research III October

    19 - 21, 2017 İstanbul / TURKEY

  • International Congress on Afro - Eurasian Research III

    October 19 - 21, 2017 İstanbul / TURKEY

International Congress on Afro - Eurasian Research III

International Congress on Afro - Eurasian Research is a "Social Sciences and Educational Sciences" congress.  

Afro-Eurasia is a term that defines Africa and Eurasia as a single continent. This continent is called the Old World. The mainland of Afro-Eurasia is defined as the World Island geopolitically. While the relations between the Afro-Eurasian countries and their cities have developed in the economic, political, cultural and even social fields on one hand, academic relations among social scientists are gradually improving on the other. Within this framework, the significance of the development of an effective communication network among scholars working in the field of Social Sciences and Educational Sciences in Afro-Eurasian countries and cities, strengthening of intellectual and academic exchanges, mutual cooperation, knowledge and experience sharing is evident.

International Congress on Afro - Eurasian Research will contribute to raising awareness and comparing various cultural perspectives in the field of social sciences and educational sciences. Thus, academicians from Afro-Eurasian countries and cities will be able to easily present their academic activities and work, and contribute to the social sciences and educational sciences in general and regional sense.

The objective of the Congress is to become a common centre in which congresses will be held every year in order to share academicians' work, new findings and opinions about regional affairs and problems, and methods and approaches to these issues. The Congress also serves to discover the trends in the academic and intellectual circles of Afro-Eurasian countries and cities. The Congress will be held in a different Afro-Eurasian country every year.

After gaining the first experience in Kazakhstan and the second experience in the geography of Spain and the Andalusian civilization, we are very proud to announce that the third experience will be held in Istanbul, the city of balance of Afro-Eurasia. On this occasion, we are honoured to invite you to the congress of the International Congress on Afro - Eurasian Research III which will be held in Istanbul on the 19-21 October 2017.

Report prepared of all the social sciences and education sciences may be included in the Congress in line with the peer-review. Participation can be performed with the oral and poster announcements. The congress also has a virtual presentation facility. Future reports in the fields that are not included in the subject headings will also be assessed. The evaluation process for the acceptance of the reports shall be completed within 5 days at the latest and informed.

The presentations may be presented in Turkish, including all Turkish dialects, English, French, Russian and Arabic.

Selected papers will be published in the following journals:



The "best paper" awards will be given from among the full text of the papers which was sent to the Congress. Best paper awards will be evaluated each area separately. Awards will be determined according to the blind referee system.

Awards are;
  • Researcher of the year of ICAR (Conditions: to be congress participant, to be 40 or more years of age, to apply with CV)
  • Young researcher of the year of ICAR (Conditions: to be congress participant, to be 40 or more years of age, to apply with CV)
  • Special award of the year of ICAR (Proffered papers / for short speeches)
  • Poster awards (First, Second, Third)
  • Oral presentation award (First, Second, Third)

All awards will be held during the congress award ceremony will be presented to interested parties.
Awards deemed to have waived those who participate in the award ceremony.

Important Dates


September 15, 2017


You will be informed about the results after abstract review as soon as possible. If your abstract is accepted, we will sent an invitation letter.


September 15, 2017 (Early Payment Deadline)
October 1, 2017 (Late Payment Deadline)


October 19-21, 2017



Oral/Poster Presentation Fee

Early Payment / September 15, 2017: 100 Euro            

Late Payment / October 1, 2017: 130 Euro


Virtual Presentation Fee

Early Payment / September 15, 2017: 65 Euro            

Late Payment / October 1, 2017: 75 Euro


Listener Fee

Early Payment / September 15, 2017: 25 Euro            

Late Payment / October 1, 2017: 40 Euro

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